Discover the four main beaches of the Giglio

Giglio Island is a must for a beach ranking is really difficult because of their diversity

Campese Beach

It is the largest beach on the island and is the most equipped from a tourism point of view.
There are two symbols that characterise Campese and make it unique: one of these is the ancient Medicean Tower (to the east) and the other by the imposing faraglion (to the west).
The town hugs the beach in the shape of an arc, and offers guests immediate access.
The sea is clear and of an unmatched blue colour, which creates a striking contrast to the dark red color of the sand.
Campese Bay is exposed to the northwest and as a result of this particular orientation sunshine is guaranteed until late in the evening when there are spectacular sunsets, perhaps while enjoying a good aperitif at one of the bars on the beach.

Arenella Beach

Arenella is to the north of Giglio Porto and is characterised by the presence of a smooth and large granite rock (nicknamed "the turtle" by the inhabitants of the island), which is the backdrop for a golden sandy beach and a crystalline sea, which can easily rival those of the tropics!
Relaxing and exclusive, the Arenella beach has a car park and a small bar where you can also dine.

Cannelle Beach 


Cannelle Beach is located south of Giglio Porto and is the second beach of the island in terms of size. This is a lovely beach with fine sand and a shallow water, which allows children to play in total safety. It is reachable by car or on foot from Giglio Porto, and also offers a dining option. Oriented to the east, the beach offers breathtaking sunrises and intense sunshine in the morning, but unfortunately shadow early in the afternoon.

Caldane Beach


The most 'wild' beach on the island, it can only be reached by boat or on foot. The hike is moderate difficulty and is around 30 minutes along the coast from Canelle Beach. Caldane Beach is located south of Cannelle, and is also oriented to the east of the island. Its sea is marvellous and emerald in colour, while its sand is coarse and golden. Sun loungers and parasols are available for hire, but there is no bar / restaurant service on site, so be prepared and bring good supplies of food and water.